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Coach, Leader of Men, Emotional Handyman


Jeremy is a co-founder of Skillful Warriors, a professional coach and works specifically with men. He is passionate about helping men reduce or unhealthy habits and patterns in their life.  Jeremy’s mission is to help clients create and live a life that they don’t need to recover from.


Jeremy started coaching men because men need connection, support, and fulfilment.  When a man feels connected and complete, all of his relationships benefit. Jeremy is proud to create spaces where men can rediscover their purpose and experience their lives as more meaningful and connected.  

Jeremy is devoted to empowering men to gain clarity on their emotional life, help them define deliberate actions and create a space where they can clearly evaluate their experience. Walking through life with a clear sense of purpose is the truest form of inspired action.

Individual Offerings:

  • Men's Circle, everyone Monday at 6:30PM

Interested in working with Jeremy as a coach?

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