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Finding the right coach can take some time. At the start, there is naturally a bit of guesswork as you determine which coach - and which coaching style - is the best fit.

To take away some of the guesswork, below you will find information about the individual coaching practices of the three founding Warriors. From here, you can easily schedule a free intro call with one, two, or all three coaches. No pressure, no expectations, and we will always be honest in sharing how we, as a collective, can best support you moving forward.

Still unsure where to start?

No problem.

Simply fill out the contact form toward the bottom of the page and one of the Warriors will be in touch ASAP.

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I’m Lisa, a guidance coach for powerful people who are feeling bound by chaos, indecision, and circumstances outside of their control. I work with people who like to be in the driver’s seat and would prefer to find their own way through rather than spend all their time in seminars and reading books. I’m here to show you that you can be your own coach, that you can be both student and teacher in your own life. The answers are within you, I’m here to help you see them so that you can live in your own power with greater peace and freedom.

I'm a leadership-lifesytle coach for men. I specifically help mid-level managers and leaders take on their roles with purpose, courage, and heart. Leadership-lifestyle coaching focuses on removing roadblocks, understanding new perspectives, and investigating thought patterns in a way that is non-threatening, process-oriented, and experiential. I am also known as a facilitation master because I can walk into almost any situation and find fun, friends, meaning, and purpose. 

I help people gain emotional clarity through honest observations, insightful questions, humor, and enough challenge to keep things interesting. Naturally, I tend to attract clients who have often put the needs of others first, are looking to powerfully shift this dynamic, and are feeling excited to (1) discover more about who they really are, (2) expand their emotional awareness, (3) connect with their own underlying needs, and (4) create a life that is courageous and easeful and aligned and other desirable adjectives. 

TITLES: Coach, Mentor, Father, Facilitator, Supporter, Truth Teller, Fierce Protector, Watchful Eye, Questioner

TITLES: Coach, Facilitator, Student of Life, Amateur Photographer, Nature lover, Adventurer, Seeker, Connector

TITLES: Coach, Papa Bear, Reflector, Meaning Extractor, Connector of Dots, Communicator, Therapeutic Improvisor




STRENGTHS: Steady, proactive, encouraging, supportive, honest, thoughtful, cares for others, holds space, healthy masculinity

STRENGTHS: Asks great questions, kind, compassionate, direct, responsible, humble, approachable, thoughtful, insightful, focused, powerful

STRENGTHS: Insightful, present, honest, encourages vulnerability, strikes a balance between encouragement and challenge, values the deep dive

EXTRACURRICULARS: Hiking, backpacking, skiing, being a dad, building anything

EXTRACURRICULARS: Nature walks, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, cycling, photography, spirituality, travel, speaking Spanish, climbing medium height things

EXTRACURRICULARS:  Drumming, pianoing, and singing songs, massage therapy/teaching, kirtan, wedding officiating, playing with my siblings

PATRONUS: Black bear

PATRONUS: Red-tailed hawk

PATRONUS: A sexy elk

INSPIRATIONS: Evryman, Evrywoman, adventure stuff, other activities with ropes, Leslie Nielson and all three Naked Gun Movies

INSPIRATIONS: Byron Katie, BKS Iyengar, adventure-based counseling, Navigating Challenging Dialogue, Mary Oliver, Boyd Varty, yogic philosophy

INSPIRATIONS: Nonviolent Communication, Taoism, men's work, Kripalu Center, Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Rumi, Kyle Cease, Buddhist psychology

MANTRA: I trust you have all the necessary skills to do what it is you need to do.

MANTRA: The only person I can manage is myself. 

MANTRA: The most helpful thing we can do in any situation is to model what it looks like to live courageously. 

Thanks for reaching out. We will be in touch soon. 😊

Unsure of which coach to connect with?

No problem.

Simply fill out this form with as much information as you would like to share and we will get back to you real soon.

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