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Skillful Warriors, est. 2020


Who’s to know when a story begins, exactly? Was it when Jeremy hired Justin at Mountainside Treatment Center in 2010? Was it in 2012, when Justin and Lisa met at the first NEO Air Conference in New Hampshire and instantly became friends? Was it in 2018 when Justin began forming his new business, The Skillful Warrior? Or, was it in 2019, when Jeremy attended that same NH conference and the three connected for the first time as a triad? Certainly, it was then that the three discovered not only friendship, but similar professional goals and interests, and seeds were planted for future collaboration.

At the start of the COVID-19 lockdown in March, 2020, Jeremy began hosting a daily check-in support group. Justin and Lisa joined along with a handful of others and from that simple invitation another seed was planted. The group met regularly over the next two months; providing support, accountability, encouragement, and humor as they each found their way through the professional and personal changes. Like many, Jeremy, Lisa, and Justin all found themselves faced with the reality of lost or delayed opportunities, and lots of questions for the future.









It was during this time that the three began to plan their first online workshop called Navigating with Purpose, a 5-day intensive for folks needing an immediate recalibration with support, connection, and guidance. The success of this event propelled them to begin dreaming much bigger, and soon they were imagining limos and red carpet, yachts and private chefs, the possibilities were endless! Eventually they came back down to earth, settled on a name, and set some more realistic goals.

With Skillful Warriors, Jeremy, Justin, and Lisa aim to bring the adventure-learning mindset to personal growth; to create experiences that bring people together in order to connect with courageous authenticity. As a collective, they hope to host and facilitate events that challenge, unite, and encourage people who are on the path of inner work. As coaches, they will work with you individually to help you access the tools you have to achieve the goals you seek. And, wherever possible, they’ll try to make it a bit more fun.

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