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where to start 

Seeking out a coach and/or supportive 

community can feel intimidating and unfamiliar. 

Here is one suggestion for how to participate,

step by step:


check in with yourself

In general, how are you feeling these days? Be honest here. It is increasingly common, and wholly understandable, to feel stuck, anxious, or overwhelmed. How would it feel to ask for help, to know you don't have to sort all this out on your own?


join a free virtual group

Building a supportive, inclusive community is central to The Skillful Warriors' mission. We offer several virtual groups that are always free: two Warrior Wake up groups on Monday and Friday mornings, and a Men's Group that meets every Monday night. 


schedule an intro call

With just a few clicks, you can schedule an intro call with any of the three Skillful Warriors coaches. This is an opportunity to share what is going on for you, ask questions, and see if coaching might be a helpful fit. No pressure, no expectations. 


free coaching session

This virtual hour is the best way to sample a coaching session in real time. Both you and your coach will gain more clarity around what you are struggling with, an initial course of action, and a sense of how the coach-client relationship feels. Still no expectations. 


continue forward

Lastly, you determine the next best step: continue coaching, get a referral for another coach, or something else entirely. The bottom line: we want you to choose the most transformative path forward and we will be honest in how we can support you in that. 

come join us

Don't hesitate to reach out. We'd love to have you part of this community.

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