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Be Adventagious This December!

This week's manly quote:

"No need to hurry.

No need to sparkle.

No need to be anybody but oneself."

- Virginia Woolf

We are officially in holiday purgatory: that strange time between Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year's when it seems nothing happens and everything happens at the same time.

It can also be a time when societal expectations, family plans and pressure, seasonal affective disorder, etc. can feel overwhelming. Our unsolicited advice: be *more* selfish this year! We don't mean refuse to give to charity and turn into an ass. We mean experiment with ignoring all the "shoulds" and continually focus on what is best for you and your self-care - even if it means disappointing someone or adapting new traditions.

If you enter this holiday season with a renewed curiosity around what you need to essentially be happy, this will leave you in a place that is resentment-free and more available to those around you. In this way, what we normally think of as "selfish" behavior is really selfless as it is truly the best thing we can do for others. Or, perhaps, a new word would be more appropriate. Self-full? Self-honoring? Self-prioritizing?

Either way, we hope you are able to find a path through this season that is best for you, even if it doesn't resemble any path you've taken before.

Best of luck, fellow Warriors!

And, of course, we have our weekly men's circle tonight - a place for Warriors to gather and feel supported and inspired.

See you tonight, gents!

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