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January, Manuary!

This week's manly quote:

"It is only when we take chances, when our lives improve. The initial and the most difficult risk that we need to take is to become honest.”

- Walter Anderson

The start of January is famous for gym memberships and other resolutions that will no doubt be obsolete come February. But of course! This makes so much sense. We often need something like the turn of a calendar year to motivate us enough to enact real change.

We see the same tendencies of action/non-action in other areas of life as well. How long did we stay in a relationship that was "good enough" until it wasn't? How many steps do need to take away from our true path before deciding now is the time for courageous change? Why do we wait until we are several feet off our path rather than a few inches?

One reason it is easy to dismiss small misalignments is that it is easy to measure the pain of letting something go. This discomfort, this heartbreak, is tangible. On the other hand, it is often hard to guess what will happen when we make space for something better. The consequence is that we end up holding on to things that used to be good for us long past their expiration date. We sacrifice potential big joy by not having fait in ourselves. To quote Stephanie Stanton, our good friend and honorary Warrior: "Sometimes you have to let go of good to get to great."

The more aware we are, the more we are likely to notice when we are just barely out of alignment with who we are right now. And when we surround ourselves with people who live authentically and courageously, we are more likely to feel their natural encouragement and make changes before we get desperate.

Speaking of natural encouragement (#smoothsegue), we have our weekly men's circle tonight at 6:30! See you then, gents.

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