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Last Men's Circle Of The Year!

This week's manly quote:

"Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go. They merely determine where you start.”

- Nido Qubein

Tonight is our final men's circle of the year. At a time when it is natural - expected, even - to look back and reflect, we want to offer a giant bow of gratitude for every man who has showed up this year: at men's circle, for yourselves, and for each other. Every Monday of 2021, no matter the size or configuration of the circle, we have witnessed men courageously sharing their most vulnerable selves and outwardly expressing their love and support. It is a beautiful thing to see and we are so incredibly grateful to have each of you gents part of our Skillful Warriors family.

For your year of commitment, bravery, and brotherly love: thank you.

Behind the scenes, we have some changes and additions in store for the new year so be on the lookout for upcoming announcements. V exciting.

Here's to another year of men's work and making the world better.

See you gents tonight and remember to wish Brian a happy birthday on the 31st!


Jeremy and Justin

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